The Lebanon Early Childhood Learning Center 

Monday to Thursday 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Friday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Phone: (718) 755-7001 or (516) 286-1075
Lebanon Early Childhood Center was established in September 2012.  This came out of the growing concern to provide Christian Education for the children of the church and the community.
Professional Staff members hold State Diplomas in Early Childhood Education.  The Center aims to involve students, parents, guardians, staff and community members.  We acknowledge that each plays an important role in the education process of our students.
There is an air of excitement in the classrooms, hallways and playground.
Our teachers, volunteers and every person who serve our children are all working diligently to provide experiences and opportunities which will enable our students to feel welcome, safe, excited and ready to succeed.
Our Facility Offers:
Classes in Computer, Spanish and Music.
Excellence is the Goal.  Our Students are considered to be the leaders of tomorrow, therefore we strive to provide our strongest possible support and encourage as we prepare them in the learning process.
We are setting the stage for leaving by giving the students a “GREAT START.”  We see them, hear them, love them and teach them.  Since education has to do with the whole period of existence of man, our aim is Building character for eternity.
“Lo Children are a heritage of thee.” Psalm 127:3